ProChemical Soil Stabilization

Who Is ProChemical Soil Stabilization?

ProChemical is The Premier Soil Stabilization standard across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and neighboring regions.

Why Hire ProChemical Stabilization?

Hiring ProChemical ensures you benefit from decades of expertise, comprehensive services, a proactive approach, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

What Does ProChemical Soil Stabilization Do?

 ProChemical provides expert soil stabilization services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. From pre-construction to post-construction stabilization, we ensure stability, reliability, and customer satisfaction every step of the way. With our ProChem Stabilizer Solution, our goal is to help speed the construction process, generate significant cost savings, and help our clients build on Solid Ground.

Who We Serve: Builders, Developers, Homeowners

Commercial and Industrial

Residential Developers


Real Talk. You need a sturdy foundation before building. Give us a shout 👇

Solid Ground for Every Venture


University Study

The University of Texas at Arlington performed a study on our chemical, which proves what we already know…


We have a current patent for moisture barrier in residential construction. One more way to stabilize the ground for new home construction.


Whether you’re a homeowner, builder or commercial developer, our results are the same- stable ground to build on.