Over 30 Years of Experience

ProChemical is a full service residential/commercial soil stabilization applicator serving Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and beyond. Our promise to our customers is a guarantee of accurate proposals that fit your budget and timeline, both of which have made us the most outstanding and trusted residential /commercial soil stabilizing companies in the state. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high-quality work with more than 30 years of experience and expertise.

At ProChemical Soil Stabilization, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high quality application services. We are fully insured and licensed to ensure customer satisfaction in completing the job. Our applicator process is used to stabilize the soil pre-construction at a maximum depth of 15′ on projects such as:


Residential Homes & Communities


Town homes/Duplexes


Commercial Buildings



We consider ourselves “dirt experts.” We’ve been doing this for well over 30 years. If you have any soil-related questions, reach out 👇

Training & Innovation

Our team is trained and ready for just about any task.


100% Satisfaction

We’re solid on our product as well as our Partners


University studies prove what our clients already know.

Years of Success

Well over 3 decades of rock-solid success.

“I’ve used their product multiple times, it’s a great product. I am amazed that they actually manufacture it themselves. Legit process and company.”

Justin Bryant – Perma Pier Foundation Repair