The presence of highly active and moisture-sensitive clay beneath building sites often leads geotechnical engineers to suggest various options to architects and structural engineers. These options may involve costly measures such as installing piers with specific fill materials or using a structural floor. Depending on the site conditions, these projects can also be time-consuming.

ProChem Stabilizer addresses the issue of controlling the moisture content in clay and similar fine-grained soils. This control increases the soil’s ability to provide support and reduces its tendency to expand and contract. ProChem Stabilizer is a well-established solution that has been utilized in numerous applications in Texas and across the country, including projects for restaurants, schools, housing, commercial buildings, and government initiatives.


ProChem Stabilizer functions by altering the fundamental electrochemical properties of the soil. This alteration prevents the soil from bonding with water. In untreated soils, clay particles possess a negative charge that attracts and binds with positively-charged water molecules. ProChem Stabilizer, with its significantly stronger positive charge, displaces the water bound to the soil particles. As a result, the previously bound water either drains away or evaporates from the soil.

Clay particles contain an excess of negative ions, which align themselves along the clay’s surfaces. These ions readily interact with water molecules, forming bonds with the positively charged hydrogen ions in the process.

Soil treatment, like ProChem Stabilizer, is essential for mitigating the challenges posed by moisture-sensitive clay beneath construction sites. It ensures the stability and longevity of structures by controlling soil moisture content, preventing issues such as heaving, shrinking, and swelling that can compromise foundations and buildings.

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