ProChemical Soil Stabilization: Secure Foundations for Residential Developers

Soil instability, caused by the swelling and shrinking of soil beneath foundations, leads to more structural damage annually than all major natural disasters combined. As a residential developer, the stability and longevity of your projects are paramount. ProChemical Soil Stabilization ensures that every home you develop stands on secure and stable ground.

Soil Stabilization - Residential Developers

Over Three Decades of Specialized Service

For over 30 years, ProChemical Soil Stabilization has been a leader in addressing soil-related challenges in Texas and beyond. As a family-owned business, we’ve developed the ProChem Ionic Liquid Stabilizer, a solution validated by extensive research, including a significant study conducted by the University of Texas.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness: The ProChem Advantage

Imagine a construction process that is not only swifter but also more cost-effective. Using cutting-edge technology, we can treat up to 6,000 square feet per day per unit. This process not only stabilizes the soil but fundamentally alters its structure for a permanent solution. Compared to traditional methods, you can anticipate up to 40% savings in stabilization expenses.

The High Cost of Neglect

Overlooking soil stabilization can lead to significant structural damage, including cracks in walls and floors or even structural slab heave. These issues can lead to repair costs in the tens of thousands. Our two-year study conducted by the University of Texas-Arlington confirms the enduring efficacy of our solution.

The ProChem Process

Using advanced technology, we inject the ProChem stabilizer based on regional geotechnical reports. This treatment interacts with the clay, changing its physical composition on a molecular level, dramatically altering the clay’s moisture content and inhibiting its ability to bond with water—forever.

A Foundation Warranty for Peace of Mind

With the shift in the structural warranty period from ten to six years, partnering with ProChemical Soil Stabilization ensures that the warranty you already offer homeowners becomes a stress-free commitment. This collaboration not only offers homeowners peace of mind but also significantly enhances the marketability and value of your properties.

Why Partner with ProChemical?

  • Long-Term Stability: Our proven solution ensures the foundation of each home is secure for years to come.
  • Enhanced Property Value: Homes built on stabilized soil are more desirable and maintain their value longer.
  • Reduced Liability: Minimize the risk of future foundation problems and associated costs.
  • Market Differentiator: Stand out in the competitive housing market by offering a solid foundation warranty backed by ProChemical.

Why Partner with ProChemical?

Build On Solid Ground With ProChemical