Demonstration of What Our Solution Does

Expansive Clay Soil and Its Challenges

Expansive clay soil is a common problem for homeowners, particularly in areas with fluctuating moisture levels. This type of soil can swell and shrink dramatically, causing foundation damage, uneven floors, and other structural issues. ProChem Soil Stabilization has developed a unique and effective solution to address these challenges.

In the video, we witness a demonstration of the our product. Two soil samples are presented, one treated with ProChem’s soil stabilization solution and the other untreated. Both samples are subjected to shaking with water to simulate the effects of moisture fluctuations.

The untreated sample does nothing but over time will expand and swell. This expansion mimics the swelling that occurs in expansive clay soil when exposed to moisture, leading to foundation problems.

On the other hand, you can clearly see a reaction in the treated sample, demonstrating the effectiveness of ProChem’s solution in controlling soil movement. The product’s ability to modify the soil’s chemistry at a molecular level significantly reduces its affinity for water, minimizing swelling and shrinking.

This stark contrast between the treated and untreated samples highlights the efficacy of ProChemical Soil Stabilization’s food-grade solution. The product effectively disrupts the electrostatic interactions between clay particles and water molecules, hindering the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water. Consequently, the potential for swelling and shrinking is considerably diminished, safeguarding foundations from the detrimental effects of expansive clay soils.

ProChem Soil Stabilization’s solution is not only effective but also versatile. It can be applied proactively during pre-construction phases to prevent future foundation issues or employed as a remedial measure to address existing foundation damage. The company’s commitment to research and development ensures that their solutions remain at the forefront of soil stabilization technology.

Homeowners, builders & developers grappling with the challenges of expansive clay soil can find solace in ProChemical Soil Stabilization’s innovative solution. Backed by extensive research and proven effectiveness, their product offers a reliable path to preventing foundation damage and preserving the structural integrity of homes for years to come.

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